Show & Tell

Behind the Blind

When it comes to logo design, we have the opportunity to watch a brand come to life in print and web media – but we are especially thrilled to share how this laser cut logo turned out! Created specifically for an outdoor hunting blind, from the get-go, the task was to create a graphic suited… Read More Behind the Blind


Roll Up

This 1970’s themed party invitation was so much fun to print on our Chandler & Price 12×18 Letterpress.  Of course, creating a 70’s themed invitation on a press that existed in that era was inevitable given the fondness for classical printmaking pervading our little studio. From making the negatives and plates to hand feeding the platen,… Read More Roll Up

Show & Tell

Keeping it Salty

Our community is gearing up for Salty Saturday…and so is our Judy! Judy’s son, Blake Smith, is a Senior this year playing for the BHS Panthers (Go get ’em Blake!!!). This mom knows how to kick off a football season, nothing says “Go Team!” like sweet treats in spirited Panther bags for the players and… Read More Keeping it Salty


Mind Your Manners

Writing thank you notes can be a daunting task…but well worth the time to acknowledge the outpouring of love and gifts from family & friends! We are often asked about the appropriate timing when it comes to these little displays of gratitude. Though best to send thank you notes ASAP, aim for getting them out… Read More Mind Your Manners