Mind Your Manners

Writing thank you notes can be a daunting task…but well worth the time to acknowledge the outpouring of love and gifts from family & friends! We are often asked about the appropriate timing when it comes to these little displays of gratitude. Though best to send thank you notes ASAP, aim for getting them out within 2 weeks of receiving any gift. That said, for wedding gifts received day-of, guests understand that you are likely taking some time for a honeymoon and settling in as newlyweds, but don’t let it get away from you…mark your calendar to get those thank you’s out within 4 weeks of returning from your honeymoon.  Here are a few tips from our resident bridal stationery expert, Sarah Hobart, to help keep you on track.

  • Order personalized thank-you notes when you order your wedding invitations so you will be ready for any showers, parties & events you have along the way.
  • Start writing & addressing your notes as gifts come in or very soon after to stay on top of the thank-you-note writing.
  • Stay organized. Trying using that wedding guestlist spreadsheet to track gifts received and notes that you have sent.
  • Remember to write notes to your wedding party and others who have helped  with the wedding, hosted bridal showers or made the whole wedding planning process a great experience for you. 
  • Be personal and specific when writing thank you notes; they do not need to be lengthy, but a sincerely written, heartfelt “thank you” can really make someone’s day!

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A HUGE thank you to our resident models (aka best friends) Keri and Nick for being a part of our website posts, sincerest gratitude, you are as beautiful outside as you are within.