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We do much more than just take orders or sell pre-stocked invitations. From beginning to end we have a hands-on approach to every invitation. They are designed, printed, and assembled without ever leaving our place. Your design consultant creates the ideas, and our pressman bring those ideas to life. With his experience and artistic eye you can rest assured your invitations are in the hands of an expert. To help achieve this, we have made a major investment in equipment. Having the right tools for the right job are a must for producing quality invitations.
For our talented designers, we have Macs, pen tablets, and professional design software that makes designing an extension of their hands. Having experience in the production, our designers know what our equipment is capable of.


Heidelberg Windmill Platen Press


Beginning in 2016 we will be offering letterpress printing for wedding invitations and fine stationary. We are all excited about this new addition to our printing capabilities. Here is a little history about the press: Windmill Heidelberg – Prince of Presses.


Here is an impression from this press.


Digital Printing


We have a new addition since early 2015! The Xante Impressia can print invitation envelopes at a high speed, and print on heavy card stock. Included with this printer is the ability to match colors with Xante’s iQueue workflow software. A great addition to our studio.





Xante Ilumina

back_xanteeFor printing designs that are multi-colored, have photographs, and/or are flat printed we have a Xante Ilumina press. It prints on very thick stock such as 12pt and 100# cover stock. A favorite paper choice for full color Save the Date cards and Wedding Invitations is 100# white or natural colored thick cover.

Ink Coverage Software

We have also created a Mac Program called Ink Coverage ©2008-2015 Hobarts Printing Place. This computer program is used to calculate toner coverage for the Xante Ilumina Digital Press before printing. We use it throughout our shop to scan for ink or toner coverage on the files we receive, or the files we create. It has been a lifesaver when estimating color coverage. We have it set to read coverage on all of our digital printers.

envelope addressing

For brides wanting their envelopes addressed, we offer an addressing service using a provided xls or ods(openoffice or LibreOffice document) file of the guest list. Let us know if you would be interested in this service. If you need the free LibreOffice application, here is the link www.libreoffice.org. We use LibreOffice spreadsheets for print quoting, and creating csv documents.
We can also use Excel spreadsheets sent to us for envelope addressing.

offset press

Press inked with Silver inkOur offset presses are an older form of printing. It uses a lithographic process where oil and water do not mix. Each press has cylinders and numerous rollers, one with water and the others with ink. The artwork image is embedded onto a printing plate. That printing plate is attached to a cylinder. From there, the image on the plate rolls over the water roller then the ink rollers. This transfers the image onto a rubber blanket cylinder. Press with plateThen under a great deal of pressure the image is printed onto the paper. The ink is actually smashed into the paper. The characteristics of this type of ink makes it perfect for invitations where the thermography process is used.


Thermography, known as “raised printing”, is a technique that while the ink is still wet on the paper, it is covered with a resinous powder, and then fused to the paper under heat. Thermography Finished LookThis produces a raised impression that brings the words on your invitation to life. This creative technique is commonly referred to as “raised printing”. Hand done thermographyOur thermography is done by hand giving us total control over every invitation and every envelope, setting us apart from other printers.


ScoringScored cardOur Graphic Wizard score/crease machine is one of the best in the field. It is the last step in the production line. This machine is capable of electronically storing numerous measurements to be used at any time. It uses an electronic beam to track the starting point of each score where it puts a crease in just the right place with just the right amount of pressure. To the left are views of the machine running, and sample of a finished invitation.

print friendly view print friendly view