program guide

Use this helpful guideline when putting your wedding program information together so that nothing is forgotten.

 program title

  • The Wedding Of…
  • The Celebration of Marriage Uniting…
  • The Marriage Celebration Of… -OR- The Marriage Celebration Uniting…
  • The Wedding Ceremony Of… -OR- The Wedding Ceremony Uniting…
  • The Celebration and Blessing of the Marriage Uniting…
  • The Wedding Celebration Of… -OR- The Wedding Celebration Uniting…
  • The Marriage Uniting…
  • The Wedding Uniting…
  • The Celebration on Love Uniting…
  • The Celebration of Christian Marriage Uniting…
  • The Eucharistic Celebration and Sacrament of Marriage Uniting…
  • Welcome to … (preceding any of the above titles)

wedding ceremony

(include songs and/or songs & composers, as well as scripture verses or reading if you wish)

  • Prelude -OR- Music for Gathering
  • Lighting of Candles
  • Lighting of Unity Candles by the Mothers
  • Chiming of the Hour
  • Seating of the Families -OR- Seating of the Grandparents
  • Seating of the Mothers (mother of groom is seated first, mother of bride is seated last)
  • Seating of the House Party -OR- Honorary Bridesmaid(s)
  • Solo
  • The Groom’s Entrance
  • Processional -OR- Attendants’ Processional -OR- Bridesmaids’ Processional -OR- Procession of the Wedding Party
  • Bride’s Processional -OR- Entrance of the Bride -OR- The Bride’s Entrance -OR- Procession of the Bride
  • Opening words -OR- Call to Worship -OR- Greeting -OR- Welcome
  • Opening Prayer -OR- Invocation
  • Declaration of Intent
  • Giving of the Bride -OR- Presentation of the Bride
  • Scripture Reading
  • Wedding Message -OR- Definition of Marriage
  • Exchange of Vows -OR- Covenant of Vows
  • Blessing and Exchange of Rings -OR- Exchange of Rings
  • The Lord’s Supper
  • Lighting of the Unity Candle -OR- Unity Sand Ceremony
  • Declaration of Marriage
  • Closing Prayer -OR- Benediction
  • Pronouncement of Marriage -OR- Presentation of the Couple
  • Recessional

wedding party

names of parents, grandparents, and/or great-grandparents:
(etiquette rule of thumb… never separate a man first name from his last; list names as Jane and John Smith -OR- the formal title of Mr. and Mrs. John Smith)

wedding party: 
(note relationships if desired, be consistent on listing names – Jane Smith -OR- Mrs. Jane Smith -OR- Miss Jane Anne Smith)

  • Maid (single) -OR- Matron (married) of Honor
  • Honorary Bridesmaid (list alphabetically if more than one)
  • Bridesmaids (list names in the order they walk down the aisle, honor attendant is a male bridesmaid)
  • Junior Bridesmaid
  • Flower Girl
  • Best Man
  • Groomsmen (list names in the order they will be standing, left to right next to best man)
  • Honorary Groomsman (list names alphabetically if more than one)
  • Junior Groomsman
  • Bible Bearer
  • Ring Bearer
  • Ushers (list names alphabetically if more than one)
  • Candle lighters (list names alphabetically if more than one)
  • Officiant -OR- Minister -OR- Reverend (ask for preferred title)
  • Musicians -OR- Soloists
  • House Party (usually girlfriends who will be helping at the wedding and reception, list names alphabetically)
  • Reader(s) -OR- Lector(s)
  • Bride’s Attendant (someone helping the Bride who is not the coordinator nor a bridesmaid)
  • Wedding Coordinator -OR- Wedding Assistant -OR- Wedding Director
  • Wedding Reception Coordinator
  • Guest Book Attendant(s) (list names alphabetically if more than one)
  • Program Attendant(s) (list names alphabetically if more than one)
  • Anyone else who plays a role in your ceremony or reception

additional information for your program

an area for “in memory of”:

  • We light these candles to honor the memory of (names). We are thankful for their impact, influence, and love that shaped our lives.
  • This ceremony is dedicated to the memory of those who have already left this world whose influence and love will never be forgotten, especially … (names)
  • We would like to dedicate our wedding ceremony to our loved ones who have passed away that we wish were here today to share in our joy.
  • Candles in the ( ) shine as a symbol of a life and love remembered.
  • In memory of our loved ones who are no longer with us.
  • The (candle, flowers) placed at the (alter, guest book, etc.) are in loving memory of (names).

other ideas:

  • Thank you Note to Parents, Family, Friends, Guests (here’s where you would note any donation made in honor of your guests in lieu of wedding favors)
  • Invitation to the Reception
  • Directions from the Ceremony to the Reception
  • New Address
  • Poem or Verse
  • Any other information you would like to share such as how you met or why you pick this date as your wedding day, etc.
  • Note each item used for…. “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”
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